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Omega Pest Management is a well-established pest management service provider in Trinidad and Tobago, which was registered in 1984. Omega earned its reputation by providing a comprehensive range of efficient and cost-effective professional pest management services to Domestic, Commercial and Industrial clients.

Omega was one of the first to offer an Integrated Pest Management services (IPM), which ensures the long-term prevention of pests and the damage they cause, through a combination of innovative techniques. We are committed to protecting and preserving the environment and the health and safety of our customer’s, their families, employees and the public in general.

Our Service

Omega provides expert professional control of common pests, such as Mosquito, Rodents, Cockroach, Ants, Birds, and Flying Insects, Wood Destroying insects, (e.g. Subterranean, Drywood, Arboreal Termites, Powder Post Beetles), Stored Product Insects and many other Domestic, Commercial and Industrial pests.

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Our people

All our lead technicians have graduated from an intensive pest management programmed, conducted jointly by leading faculty of the departments of entomology and Life Sciences of the Universities of Puerto Rico and the University of the West Indies and are graduates of UWI’S Technician Pest Management training programmed.

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Our Certification

Our Managing Director is a trained fumigator having graduated from Broward Community College and University of Florida, Schools of Structural Fumigation. He attended the Guangdong Entomological Institute, Guangzhou, Peoples Republic of China where he obtained information and training in advanced termite control

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Associations Memberships

As a founding member of the Pest Management Association of Trinidad and Tobago, we have advocated for minimum industry standards, professional certification, business ethics, and consumer protection. Our international partnerships over several years, including that gained as a member of the American Pest Management

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Our technicians are the absolute best in the industry, with monthly training on the best technologies, practices, processes and is supported by our intensive in-house team. Our customer service team is friendly, knowledgeable, responsive and ready to support your pest free environmental objectives.

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procedures. He has also attended a mosquito management seminar in Hong Kong.

We have a credible track record of exceeding the standards for health, safety and environment compliance as established by the various boards of regulation and certification. We are proud of our Health, Safety and Environmental (HSSE) Certification, Management, Leadership and Accountability – Over 35 Years in Business.

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Association and as a consequence of training, manufacturing and/or purchasing puts us in an envious position relative to our competitors.

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Our customers benefit from years of commitment to pest management processes that put safety first. We are “the final solution” in pest management services.